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New Year Essentials

Happy 2024! New Year's is one of my favorite holidays. It feels like a fresh start and I always have a new found sense of motivation and drive. Since I can remember, I have always started the New Year by making a list of resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. Now, whether those are always completed or achieved is another story...haha. But, I still believe that working towards improving every single day, even if it's only by 1%, is never a waste of time!

This year's New Year excitement was unfortunately postponed as Micah and I were ringing it in with NyQuil instead of sipping champagne. We got sick the day after Christmas and it took forever to get over it! And then last week we jetted off to Miami for a long weekend! But after some much needed down time and R&R in the sun, I am finally ready for 2024! Here are a few of my favorite items that will be helping me set and reach my goals this year:

Business & Productivity

Since I work for myself and from home, staying organized is a must! I'm currently working on making our office areas feel more productive so we can put our best foot forward this year.

  • My Daily Planner: I like this brand because you can customize your layout on their website, add a monogram, and this set has the year split up into two 6 month books!

  • Micah's Favorite Planner: Micah likes this undated planner since he doesn't use it every day and it has space to write other things besides to do lists! If you just need a good place to "brain dump", this is a great option!

  • Gratitude Journal: I got one of these last year and ended up liking it way more than I thought I would! It's a great way to shift your mindset and reflect positively on each day so I'm definitely going to keep doing it this year!

  • Wall Calendar: I saw this in Target a couple months ago and loved how clean and simple it was!

  • Linen Bulletin Board: I am a visual person and still handwrite notes and print things out like an old person so I may get this to hang in my office! Plus I love the linen texture as opposed to cork! Maybe I'll get the matching dry erase board too!


I have been going to the gym and lifting weights for about 10 years now! I don't really have any new goals/resolutions in this category this year, but I am going to keep up with what I've been doing in my fitness routine! These are a few must-haves for me:

  • Apple Watch: I got one of these when they first came out in 2015 and have never looked back! They're great for tracking steps, how many times I've worked out that month, running stats, etc. I use the gold band for every day and switch out to these when I'm going to be working out/sweating!

  • Yoga Pants: These are a great dupe for the Align leggings! I've had them for a couple years now and they still look and wear great! True to size!

  • Pre-Workout: Micah got me into using pre-workout and it's been a game changer! The Icy Blue Razz flavor is my favorite but Pink Lemonade is also good!

  • Stanley Cup: I fell victim to the Stanley frenzy last year but I actually do use it every day! I'm a terrible water drinker so this helps me keep water around at all times so there's no excuse not to stay hydrated!I also have my eye on this one!


Micah got me this Kindle a couple years ago and every since then, I have really gotten into reading! I loved reading as a kid, but I think it took a backseat during my school years since there wasn't much time or interest to read things for fun. I read 24 books last year and am aiming to do at least 30 this year!

Here A few self-development and business books on my list:

Some fun reads:

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